South Hills Karate Academy

South Hills Karate Academy

2013 Spring Dan Recertification

Master Gene Garbowsky
South Hills Karate Academy and the Independent Tang Soo Do Association held their bi-annual Spring Dan Recertification Testing and Training on March 14th and 16th. The event consisted of two days of training and testing and included an introduction to the Filipino Martial Art of Arnis for those Dans testing for their next recertification level in the ITA.

Master Garbowsky, with the assistance of the ITA’s Technical Advisory Committee, has designed a Yu Dan Ja Recertification testing process that not only tests Yu Dan Ja members’ technical capabilities, but also provides a unique learning experience for those who participate. The testing kicked off Thursday, March 16th with training on Tang Soo Do basics followed by the Independent Tang Soo Do Association’s Combinations and Advanced Combination Techniques.  Read More...

Practical Application Of Technique

…. and Class Update!

I have often said to our students, “The more classes you attend, the more you get exposure to.” This remains easy to do, since we are open seven days per week and allow our students the opportunity to practice every day including Sundays!

The importance of Bunhae Ki Sul
分解 / 분해 기술 (application of technique) cannot be overstated. Our students are learning that the techniques contained in the traditional hyung (kata) of Tang Soo Do contain the entire fighting style of most modern karate-do systems, including Tang Soo Do. It is effective and it is practical! Read More...

SHKA Classes Summary

I am always talking about goal setting in our classes, not only as it pertains to the study and practice (notice, I said study) of Tang Soo Do, but also in our personal lives. One of my goals for 2013 is to keep the blog on the South Hills Karate Academy website updated more frequently.
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I also thought it would be a great idea to use the blog to summarize some of the things that we have been doing in our classes on a weekly basis. The reason for this is it is virtually impossible as an instructor to make all the classes the same and cover the same identical material on a weekly bases. Why? Simply because the same students are not in every class. The group dynamic is different!

Certainly one of the overriding themes of this week’s classes has been our practice and study of Bunhae Ki Sul 分解 / 분해 기술 and the question of the practicality of Ill Soo Shik Dae Ryun (One Step Sparring). Not sure what this Bunhae Ki Sul is? Simply, it is the breakdown and application of the techniques contained in our traditional hyung (kata/forms) in a realistic and practical manner in a self-protection or combative situation.

Grandmaster Hwang Kee was often quoted as saying “all you need is Kee Cho Hyung Ill Bu (Form #1) and you can defend yourself in any situation.” I often questioned this, since when I was a Gup student, I only saw a defense against a low kick, followed by a counter with a lunge punch. Students at South Hills Karate Academy now understand that there is much more to Kee Cho Hyung Ill Bu than meets the eye! One of the questions that is always asked of our students is “where are the elbow strikes in form #1?” We aren’t talking about pulling hand! We see elbow strikes, takedowns, grappling techniques and hip throws in Hyung Ill Bu! How deep is your study of the traditional hyung of Tang Soo Do?