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South Hills Karate Academy

Independent Tang Soo Do Association's 4th Dan Classing Examination

Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

The official announcement can be found here

As Co-Founder of the Independent Tang Soo Do Association and head instructor of South Hills Karate Academy, I am happy to announce the results of the 4th Dan Classing Examination that took place on July 27th and 29th, 2012. The Independent Tang Soo Do Association's Dan Classing Examination is an event that I am particularly proud of and I am sure that all who participated in this year's event are as well.

The Association's Dan Testing is an extensive two day process where our Yu Dan Ja (Black Belt holders) and candidates get together over two days. We train together, learn new material, fight against each other and drill in techniques over four to five hours on day one. On day two, over another 5 hour period, we have our Yu Dan Ja and Candidates present their requirements and demonstrate required technique, hyung, sparring and breaking. The process also includes submitting two written essays on rank specific material.

Please join me in congratulating the following Cho Dan Candidates on achieving Yu Dan Ja rank in Tang Soo Do:

Yu Dan Ja Dan # Rank
Mrs. Gail Freynik USA 12-01 Cho Dan
Mr. Kevin Fedorchak USA 12-02 Cho Dan
Mr. Casey Fedorchak USA 12-03 Cho Dan
Mr. Marin Marina USA 12-04 Cho Dan
Mr. Dario Marina USA 12-05 Cho Dan
Ms. Adriana Marina USA 12-06 Cho Dan
Mr. Perry Sisley USA 12-07 Cho Dan
Mr. Cody Potts USA 12-08 Cho Dan
Mr. Chris Marini USA 12-09 Cho Dan

Please join me in congratulating the following Yu Dan Ja on achieving their next full Dan ranking in Tang Soo Do:

Yu Dan Ja Dan # Rank
Mrs. Christine Wilson ITF36073 Sam Dan
Mr. Charles Durney USA 07-04 Sam Dan
Mr. Eric Garbowsky USA 09-03 Ee Dan
Mrs. Karen Garbowsky USA 09-04 Ee Dan
Mr. Dylan Pruni USA 09-06 Ee Dan
Mr. Denny Pruni USA 09-07 Ee Dan
Mr. Brian Maxwell USA 09-08 Ee Dan
Mr. David Hafer USA 09-10 Ee Dan
Mr. Jeff Weir USA 09-12 Ee Dan
Mr. Dan Wilson USA 09-14 Ee Dan

Please join me in congratulating the following Yu Dan Ja on achieving their next Dan recertification ranking:

Yu Dan Ja Dan # Rank
Mr. Steve Harroun USA 11-05 Cho Dan #2
Mr. Sumanyu Gupta USA 11-06 Cho Dan #2
Mr. Ritwik Gupta USA 11-07 Cho Dan #2
Ms. MaryCayte Reiland USA 11-08 Cho Dan #2

Our 4th Dan Classing Examination also saw three Yu Dan Ja test for Kyo Sa Nim, our Certified Tang Soo Do Instructor. This testing process, included additional material, including teaching a unique concept or technique to their peer group.

Please join me in congratulating the following Yu Dan Ja on achieving Kyo Sa Nim ranking in Tang Soo Do:

Kyo Sa Nim Sumanyu Gupta
Kyo Sa Nim Ritwik Gupta
Kyo Sa Nim MaryCayte Reiland

A complete write up on the event can found on the Tang Soo Do World website at: Independent Tang Soo Do Association's 4th Dan Classing Examination

I am also happy to announce that in order to properly recognize everyone's achievements and accomplishments, we will awarded promotions at our 2012 Open Tang Soo Do Championships. Promotions will be given out during the Opening Ceremony at this year's championships. The opening ceremony is scheduled to begin at 9:30AM on Saturday, September 22nd. Additional details will follow!

Again, it is with extreme enthusiasm that I present to you our new Yu Dan Ja and those Yu Dan Ja who have achieved their next ranking in the martial art known as Tang Soo Do.

Master Gene Garbowsky

31st Gup Shim Sa - Student Testing

I am happy to announce South Hills Karate Academy's 30th Gup Shim Sa (testing). The next testing day will be Saturday August 25th, 2012. SHKA Elizabeth will hold their own testing date. Elizabeth students will test on Wednesday August 29th, 2012.

The 31st Promotion Testing will take place on Saturday August 25th.
  • Adult Testing: 9:00AM Start Time
  • Children Testing: 12:30PM Start Time

Elizabeth Location, Wednesday August 29th
  • 5:30PM Start for all students

Please see your weekly email update for further detail and information.

Master Garbowsky

Personal TSD Coaching!

One of the exciting programs that I will be working on over the next couple of weeks is a personal TSD coaching program. This will be one-on-one coaching and will be made available free to those students who are members of the Independent Tang Soo Do Association. This is an ITA member benefit program and I am putting this together to help those students and parents who want to get the most out of their Tang Soo Do experience or for parents who want to make the most of their children's training in traditional Tang Soo Do. At this time the program will be available for students at the Gup level and will be available for students at both locations.

What the program will entail is a step by step guide, including personal meetings with me to help students stay on track and focused on their training. The program will utilize a shared online document that will detail milestones and accomplishments between testings, coaching dates and meetings with me, as well as assignments that will help students stay on track. Additionally, the program will involve the student being assigned a Yu Dan Ja (Black Belt) or senior red belt mentor who will help to assist the student meeting their goals and staying focused and on track.

For the younger students this program will obviously need the parents to be more involved with their child's training, which I strongly feel will be a good thing for all involved.

Program Highlights
  • Detailed outline via a shared document on rank specific requirements for individual students
  • Tracking of milestones (when a student has practiced and grasped their rank requirements)
  • Personal on-one-one consultations with Master Garbowsky with students or parents and student
  • Personal assessment of students development in Tang Soo Do and other physical goals (such as weight loss)
  • Assigning of a senior mentor to help students achieve their goals
  • I am very excited about being able to offer this to our ITA members.

In order to help me get the program started I am looking for 5 students/parents that want to help me get the program started! I will take the first 5 students/parents (regardless of age) who reply email and let me know that they want to get the most of their Tang Soo Do experience for either themselves or their child. Please for family's, I am asking that only one family member participate for the first five initial students at this time, although I believe there would be a positive trickle down effect for family members. We will then work over the next couple of weeks to solidify the program before it gets rolled out to everyone.

Sa Bom Nim Gene Garbowsky