South Hills Karate Academy

South Hills Karate Academy

2014 Traditional TSD International Championship

Submitted by: Mr Garrett Treager, Cho Dan

Over the July 4th weekend, a small contingency from South Hills Karate Academy made the trip to Philadelphia to compete in the international event hosted by Master Fred Scott and the AMKOR affiliation of schools. Participants from all over the globe, from New York to Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and many other states as well as visitors from the United Kingdom, competed in a two day long tournament in team-forms, individual traditional forms and individual Chil Sung forms across many divisions and many age groups.

A special visitor, Grandmaster
Song Ki Kim, came in from Korea, was honored, and gave an enlightening glimpse into Chi (internal energy that flows in your body) as well as charging and re-charging your Chi.

Competition was absolutely fierce and culminated in some great sparring matches to end the grand champion sparring events. Those who stuck around we able to witness some team sparring matches as well where the scoring was based on points over time in the first round and by matches in the second.

SHKA Metal winners:
  • Master Garbowsky claimed a silver in the over-35 Master's Division forms with Oh Sip Sa Bo.
  • Mr. Treager pulled a bronze metal in a combined 18-and-up, 1st and 2nd Dan Chil Sung Forms division wtih Chil Sung Sa Ro.
  • Eric Arnold took a solid kick to the throat in the 18-35 year old Green Belt Sparring division and still landed a bronze metal.
  • Korvyn Johnson won 3rd place in the 9-10 year old Green Belt Forms division with a very strong Pyong Ahn Sa Dan.

Other participants included:
  • Mrs. Christine Wilson
  • Mr. Dan Wilson
  • Mr. Kevin Fedorchak
  • Colton Boring

Tremendous job for all of those who attended and competed! Remember - anytime you train, including competition at a tournament, it's not about winning or losing, only in doing your best and striving to do better each and every time.