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2014 NPC Natural Eastern USA Championship!

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Congratulations to Nila Porter, member of South Hills Karate Academy and MartialFit Gym, for competing Saturday April 5th, 2014 in the 2014 NPC Natural Eastern USA Championship held in Pittsburgh, PA!

With the help of Advocare's healthy nutrition and supplementation plan and some hard work in the gym, Nila, age 43 and mother of 3, was able to transform her body in a little over a year from a size 10 to a 2. She lost over 20% body fat and added 10 pounds of muscle.

Nila did an amazing job and took
First place in Women's Master's Division and won the Overall Master's Division. She placed Fourth in Women's Novice and Fifth in the Women's Open Division placing ahead of women half her age!

Nila's is currently a 6th Gup Green Belt in Tang Soo Do and the next item on her bucket list is to focus on obtaining her
Black Belt at South Hills Karate Academy and the Independent Tang Soo Do Association. Nila's hard work and dedication to her health and fitness goals continue to motivate and inspire our MartialFit Gym members.

Please join me in congratulating her!

Karen J. Garbowsky, 2nd Dan
Certified Parrillo Performance Trainer

Photos From The Day!

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Nila Shows Off Her Winning Form

First in Women's Master's Division and Overall

Master's Division Winner

A Winning Pose

Nila With Some Competitors

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Nila and her brother Eddie, a stylist to runway models in LA, who flew into to do her hair and makeup

Nila and Bill with their three daughters Selena, Solma and Soliana

First in Women's Master's Division  

Fifth in Women's Open Division

Overall Division winners featured in NPC News Magazine

* South Hills Karate Academy nor the Independent Tang Soo Do Association makes no claim of current association with the Moo Duk Kwan, International Tang Soo Do Federation or the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association. The information is provided for illustration of lineage and history only.