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South Hills Karate Academy Instructors

Mr. Dan Wilson Tang Soo Do
Kyo Sa Nim, Dan Wilson (USA 09-14) began his Tang Soo Do training with Master Gene Garbowsky in 1996. Since that time he has trained with several Tang Soo Do instructors. In 2008 Mr. Wilson resumed his training with Sa Bom Nim Garbowsky who has provided the opportunity to train with Kwan Ja Nim Ah Po, Master Sam Wallace, and Master Guy Petroski.

Mr. Wilson is now at the South Hills Karate Academy location as a very patient instructor taking time to work with students on the finer details of the art as well as tough sparring competitor. In addition to physical training, Mr. Wilson has a great interest in studying the philosophical roots that are the foundation for many martial arts.

Kyo Sa Reiland
Ms. Mary Cayte Reiland, 2nd Dan (USA 11-08) has been training in Tang Soo Do since 2004, and under Kwan Jang Nim Garbowsky since 2008. She is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee as well as the primary sword instructor for the school, per her prior sword training in Moo Jung Gumdo. During her training with Master Garbowsky, Ms. Reiland has had the opportunity to train under Grand Master Andy Ah Po, also known as the “godfather of Tang Soo Do” as well as with other masters. She has traveled and competed in different tournaments, and competed for Grand Champion in weapons in the 2011 UTA Hershey tournament. Her goal for the upcoming years is to build a weapons curriculum in line with the traditional curriculum, with particular emphasis in armed and unarmed bunhae ki sul.
Mr. Garrett Treager
Mr. Garrett Treager, 1st Dan (USA 12-10) began his martial arts career in 1985 as a child in the Chuck Norris system (United Fighting Arts Federation). At age 9, upon closure of the school, he changed styles and started over as a white belt in Japanese Goju Ryu and achieved the equivalent rank of 4th gup. Again, another school closed and he, at age 11, started over in yet another style, Chinese Shaolin Kempo. At age 12, he decided to return to his Tang Soo Do roots and began training at his uncle’s school, Harshall Karate Academy. In 1992, at age 14, Mr. Treager, now the senior belt in his uncle's school, achieved his black belt. He continued to train and teach youth classes at his uncle's school for 2 more years, and at age 16, he decided to pursue other activities. After another 18 years, and upon the suggestion of his future wife, Mr. Treager looked at several schools and approached Master Garbowsky about joining South Hills Karate Academy. Once he joined, he started training and attending additional school activities, tournaments, tests, and clinics. In addition to teaching one night per week at the school, Mr. Treager is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee. He has won sparring grand champion, forms grand champion, and has consistently placed in tournaments (top 3). Mr. Treager currently works as an IT Asset Manager for a local company and enjoys spending his free time with his future wife and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Kyo Sa Victoria Bender
Ms. Victoria Bender, 1st Dan (USA 13-02) began training in 2009 at the age of 45. She met her 5 year goal of making Cho Dan at age 50 one year early and was promoted to Kyo Sa Nim in Spring 2014. She has been involved in instructing the Children's classes and private lessons with new students since 2010. Her main focus in instruction is drilling basic techniques with all age groups for a solid foundation for advancement in the art. She also assists Master Garbowsky in the operation of the South Hills Karate Academy as needed and posting updates on the school's Facebook page.

Outside the dojang, she is actively involved in the Lacroix New Testament Mission in Haiti since 1996 and has made 5 mission trips to Haiti to date and has shared Tang Soo Do Basic technique and Bun Hae Ki Sul (combat application) with students of the mission compound school. She also supports the Tae Kwan Do club based in Goinaives, Haiti, headed by Master George, that holds Saturday classes on the mission compound. Ms. Bender currently supports 3 sisters/students in the mission schools, anticipating the 4th to start preschool in the 2014-2014 school year and supports Bright Morning English Club and has had the opportunity to teach English and converse with the students during her visits. Also, stateside, actively updates the Lacroix New Testament Mission Facebook page.

In her free time, Ms. Bender enjoys reading and dabbling in languages.

Pittsburgh Karate Childrens Black Belt
Bu Kyo Sa Nim, Eric Garbowsky (USA 09-03) has been training since the age of four years old. Since 2005 he has been instrumental in helping his father Gene Garbowsky, Sa Bom Nim with the growth of South Hills Karate Academy even at a young age. Mr. Garbowsky holds the privilege of being student #1 in the South Hills Karate Academy school system. Eric has placed in numerous competitions around the east coast and is a very active competitor. In February 2012 Mr. Garbowsky tested and was promoted to “junior certified instructor” or bu kyo sa nim. This is a privilege he takes very seriously as is the responsibility of leading many of the children’s classes at South Hills Karate Academy.

* South Hills Karate Academy nor the Independent Tang Soo Do Association makes no claim of current association with the Moo Duk Kwan, International Tang Soo Do Federation or the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association. The information is provided for illustration of lineage and history only.