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South Hills Karate Academy

705 Clairton Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15236


About South Hills Karate Academy & Our Programs

It is our mission to preserve and promote the original and traditional techniques, practices, philosophy, and principles of the martial art known as Tang Soo Do. Our training environment focuses on intense physical training, discipline, and respect regardless of age or gender.

We strive to offer our students “The Absolute Best in Martial Arts Instruction” in a fun and safe family environment!

A few things to consider about South Hills Karate Academy:
  • Every class is closely supervised by Master Gene Garbowsky or our staff of certified instructors!
  • Safety of our students is our #1 priority. Each class is designed for proper function the body and the risk of any kind of injury is minimal!
  • We strive to preserve Tang Soo Do as a traditional karate system and martial art!
Childrens Karate Pittsburgh
Our Children's Karate Program helps your child to develop essential growth skills including, Discipline, Confidence, Focus, Respect and Listening Skills. Your child can learn how to be a winner! Here you will find out more information about our Children's Karate Program
Adult Karate Pittsburgh
Our Adult Karate Program is an exciting program that is a complete martial arts system that provides all the tools needed to be able to defend yourself and get into great shape! It is based on ancient teaching for modern times! Here you will find out more information about our Adult Karate Program
Personal Training at South Hills Karate
Our MartialFit program provides Fitness, Strength and Yoga training with a top of the line fitness training center complete with StarTrac strength and cardio equipment. Our Yoga program keeps you all around in good health! Here you will find out more information about our Martial Fit Program